Investing Time

In order to gain time, you first need to invest it and that’s something we do for all our customers. We dedicate considerable energy into really understanding the challenges you face and the intricacies of your operational procedures and processes.


Our systems are not just configurable solutions with functionality that we ‘turn on’ to match your needs. In fact, they are quite the opposite. We build tailored systems that optimise all the variables of your specific operation so that every task can be completed in the most efficient way. Getting there takes time and effort, so we like to give our customers a clear picture of the journey we will make together.

Our Customer Journey

1. Investigate


Our first step is to meet with you to uncover your key business challenges. We scope out your requirements and, together, we determine the key objectives for the project. Next, we get out onto your warehouse or DC floor and conduct a walk-through. Here we observe your current processes to ascertain if we can help provide operational improvements.

2. Analyse


On completion of the walk-through, and if we believe we can add value to your organisation, we then begin to dig deeper. We deploy a technical business analyst to your site where they carry out a detailed study of your processes, procedures and workflows, and examine your existing software and technologies. Using these findings, we then identify the core areas of opportunity where we can assist your business in developing efficiencies and enhancing performance.

3. Recommend


Then we hold a debriefing session and outline how we can tailor a solution to address your precise circumstances. Costings for Network, Hardware, Software and Voice Solutions, along with Mobile Device Management and Service & Support are also presented in line with our proposed approach. Following the meeting, we usually liaise with your host system provider to confirm any integration queries.

If you are happy to approve our recommendations at this point, we organise a reference site visit for you. This allows us to demonstrate our systems in action and you can witness the direct impact they have across all functions within the warehouse or DC.

4. Refine


As soon as you give us the green light, we move into a process of refinement. Over the course of a week, our team facilitates technical workshops to tease out and record the finer details of the processes in scope and reach agreement on what exactly is to be developed, and what is not.

5. Define


Based on the outputs of the workshops, we then produce a Detailed Functional Design (DFD) document. This acts as the ‘bible’ for the overall project and informs the production of the project plan. The project plan defines roles and responsibilities and it outlines the time frames and milestones for implementation.

6. Develop & Deploy


We then enter an extended development phase which can run for anything up to 12 months. Our highly skilled team of engineers and developers carefully crafts your system in strict accordance with the specifications of the DFD. When complete, the system is taken through rigorous user acceptance testing (UAT) before it is signed off and your site goes live.

7. Train


Both in the lead up to and after go-live, we work closely with your office and warehouse teams to ensure they are comfortable and proficient in using the new system. On launch day, and in the days thereafter, our team is on site to guide you through any difficulties you may have, troubleshoot any teething problems and answer all your queries.

8. Support


Once everything is up and running, your team can enjoy access to our world-class support as part of your service contract. Our Technical Support line is manned by skilled technicians during office hours and we provide 24/7 Emergency Support for P1 crisis situations. In addition, with our unique service management software, InHouse, you can log your device repairs through a seamless online portal and we take care of the rest. Our team is always there to ensure you have the support you need at precisely the moment you need it. You can find out more by visiting the Support section of our website.

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