Laithwaites Wine - the biggest online wine merchant in the UK, selling wines from across the world.

The Challenge

Founded in 1969, Laithwaites Wine, is the biggest online wine merchant in the UK, selling wines from across the world.

Our association with Laithwaites dates back to 2011. During that period, the company was growing but hindered by outdated warehouse technology. With an estate of legacy hardware, software, and wireless infrastructure, Laithwaites faced challenges in selecting a suitable partner capable of maintaining its systems in the short term, as well as being able to advise on the right technology choices moving forward to meet their growth ambitions.

The Response

Timewise Systems and Laithwaites embarked on a journey to modernise their data capture systems, creating a unified solution capable of adapting to evolving business needs.

Our initial step was to introduce a new network and barcode scanning capability to standardise and enhance operations. As Laithwaites began to reap the benefits of these improvements, we earned their trust as a trusted advisor, offering guidance on all aspects of their fulfilment processes through the use of intelligent technology solutions.

Following an upgrade of their SAP system, Laithwaites took the next step and implemented the Timewise operational software solution. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of their workforce, processes, systems, challenges, and opportunities, we crafted a tailored response. This response included the implementation of a voice-directed software system, updated SAP interfacing, and brand-new Android hardware, enabling them to serve their customer base more efficiently.

Supported by our world-class customer support and mobile device management services, this system plays a crucial role in the day-to-day execution of Laithwaites customer needs.

The Results

By striking the right balance between understanding the user experience, having an in-depth knowledge of their warehouse processes, and offering recommendations on the most suitable technology, Laithwaites has seen substantial improvements in an increasingly competitive environment. Notably, there has been a significant reduction in warehouse errors, particularly those associated with time-sensitive products.

Our emphasis on comprehending and enhancing Laithwaite’s processes, spanning from goods receipt to pick, pack and dispatch, has enabled Timewise Systems to provide a solution that has resulted in enhancements in accuracy and productivity rates. This, in turn, has allowed the company to utilise its time and resources more efficiently. The system has also raised health and safety standards on the warehouse floor by enabling operators to work hands-free and with heightened focus.

Our unique dashboard technology delivers a real-time overview of every operational workflow within the business, equipping managers with the capability to analyse the presented data and reallocate resources as necessary.

Over the years, we have built an excellent relationship with Laithwaites, founded on trust and respect. The comprehensive and adaptable system we have implemented can be fine-tuned and refined to adapt to evolving customer, regulatory, or compliance requirements. This ensures that the business is well-prepared to confront future challenges and respond to market adjustments with simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Most importantly, it enables Laithwaites to sustain its successful growth for many years to come.

Over the years our relationship with Timewise Systems has grown and strengthened. They’ve supported us every step of the way in improving our accuracy and productivity and are excellent value for money.


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Client: Laithwaites

Industry: Founded in 1969, Laithwaites Wine, is the biggest online wine merchant in the UK, selling wines from across the world.

Location: Gloucester, UK

System Components: Voice Solutions
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Hardware Solutions
Network Solutions
Mobile Device Management
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